Each and every NorDan Window & Door is designed for its aesthetic beauty, functionality, and to withstand the harsh Norwegian wet wind. They won’t fade or discolour and can be updated easily with a fresh coat of paint or stain over their lifespan. Our best in class products are designed to be waterproof, in principle. Our production method is a fusion of modern technology and traditional craftsman skills, which help us ensure that we deliver a high-quality product.


Vacuum Pressure/Impregnation
Our vacuum/pressure impregnation process ensures the most robust protection against fungal growth, decay and insect attack. Unlike superficial processes (such as flow coating) where the preservative is sprayed on, NorDan’s penetrative process ensures deep penetration of the preservative into the timber- 6mm on surfaces and a minimum of 50mm on the exposed grain.


Sound Reduction Glass with NTECH 1.2
NorDan’s NTech 1.2 Windows have double-glazed units that use a 6mm outer glass pane and 4mm inner glass pane as standard. Providing enhanced sound reduction properties, enhancing your living comfort at no additional cost.


Weather Seals
The special design of NorDan inward opening products meant that ironmongery is located behind the main weather seal. This passive protection means that the ironmongery and fittings are less exposed to weather conditions, airborne pollutants and debris, resulting in fewer maintenance issues.


Fire safety
NorDan fire-resistant windows provide more time to evacuate the building, making it harder for the fire to spread to and from other buildings nearby. They are designed with the latest technology in the fire-resistant glass. NorDan has two degrees of fire safety; EI30, 30 minutes protection and EI60, 60 minutes protection.


Alu -Clad for extra life”
All NorDan timber windows and doors can be delivered with external aluminium cladding. Aluminium cladding protects the timber against UV radiation, this protection further contributes to the product life expectancy.


Door Stability-Steeltech
NorDan front doors have several unique features which include the incorporation of double galvanized steel plates within the door leaf. These provide exceptional stability to the door leaf whilst simultaneously enhancing its security.

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