Our Story

A proven history of craftsmanship and sustainable innovation

Founded in Norway in 1926, NorDan has grown from a family-owned company to a leading business in Europe's window and door industry. With nearly 100 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our rich heritage and commitment to quality, environmental thinking and sustainability.
The NorDan Group spans Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, with 12 factories, 32 sales offices and approx. 2,300 employees. Our headquarters in Norway remains the heart of our operations, driving innovation.
Sustainable Innovation

At NorDan, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is an integral part of our identity. From timber-centred products to eco-conscious production processes, our products lead the way in energy performance, longevity and quality, while also have minimal environmental impact throughout their lifespan.

Perfekt Samspill

Originating from Norway, Perfekt Samspill defines how all NorDan entities and employees collaborate and foster robust relationships with customers. Perfekt Samspill has been the cornerstone of NorDan's ethos since 2001, and was introduced as part of our 75th anniversary. While 'Perfekt' embodies excellence, 'Samspill' signifies seamless collaboration and teamwork. It represents harmonious interactions, akin to musical harmony or playing on the same team in sports.

The Goal of Perfection

Perfekt Samspill, is a phrase ingrained in the ethos of every NorDan employee in Ireland. We embody the spirit of Perfekt Samspill, striving for flawless collaboration between our employees and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Towards our valued customers, we are dedicated to being the ultimate partner, going above and beyond in every interaction. Our mission is for our products to exemplify excellence, seamlessly blending perfected design, functionality, and durability. We extend this commitment to caring for interior living spaces and nature, aiming for perfection in every aspect. We also challenge our suppliers through perfect cooperation, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

NorDan Perfekt

Launched in 1961, the innovative NorDan Perfekt was a tilt-and-turn inward opening window better known today as the NorDan N-Tech StormGuard/Three Handled Tilt-and-Turn. During development, the product was exposed to exhaustive testing and design iterations, each one with the goal of getting closer and closer towards perfection. It was an advanced window, with a patented design and unique construction. As with all NorDan products, our team extend the excellence of our products through their dedication and collaboration.

Our Core Values


We prioritise environmentally friendly operation and climate-smart solutions.


Building trust through transparency and teamwork.


Constantly pushing boundaries for better products and practices.


Proactively driving innovation and solutions.


A focus on meaningful relationships and mutual growth.