While individual actions matter, NorDan encourages collective efforts, emphasising that together, we can truly make a difference in creating a more sustainable future.

A tradition for sustainability

At NorDan, it has always been extremely important for us to put the environment at the heart of everything we do. Where possible, we aim to create a ‘green supply chain’ starting from the very first moment a tree is planted, all the way to our windows being installed in your family home.

For us at NorDan, focusing on the environment is more than just concentrating on ourselves. We want to challenge the status quo and encourage the industry to say that it’s ‘Time for Timber’ and fully embrace the environmental and design benefits of using timber. With our commitment to the environment, we hope to promote the value and ecological benefits for decades to come.

Every day, we strive towards becoming the leading, sustainable window and door manufacturer in Ireland.

Longevity and Energy Efficiency
Two main factors determine how environmentally friendly a finished and installed window is: The expected lifespan of the product and to what degree it can contribute to reducing the buildings' total energy consumption by reducing either heating or cooling of the room through that lifespan. The NorDan product range offers solutions with leading energy performance and longevity to ensure that NorDan windows and doors contribute to a lesser environmental impact.
A Holistic Focus on Sustainability
Traditionally, environmental sustainability took centre stage, but there is a growing emphasis on the social and economic aspects. Sustainability should permeate everything we do, and our action plan towards 2030 outlines our focus areas, local initiatives, and the challenges and opportunities we address regionally, nationally, and globally. It offers a comprehensive view of our goals, priorities, and measures, emphasising our commitment to a sustainable everyday life.
Proactive Environmental Approach
The NorDan environmental approach is just as much about being at the forefront of regulatory requirements as it is about complying with regulations that have already been implemented. By taking a proactive approach and identifying common benefits for ourselves and the surroundings, we have worked actively with environmental issues in our processes, products and product development through decades.
Responsibility Through the Value Chain

The NorDan environmental approach is implemented throughout the value chain, from material suppliers to how the completed products are being transported to construction sites across Europe. Long-standing relations with leading suppliers ensures products and solutions that take the environmental factor into account. Our own, strict production guidelines guarantee a conscious attitude towards the environment.

Tradition of Innovative Thinking
NorDan boasts a rich tradition of innovative thinking, providing a solid foundation for minimising its own production footprint. Environmental efforts continue, aiming for low resource use and minimal greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production and transportation processes. Emphasising proximity to markets helps reduce emissions associated with the final product.

Our Commitment to UN Sustainability Goals

The NorDan Group aligns with eight of the UN's sustainability goals, emphasising the social and economic aspects of sustainability. Clear focus areas include local values, people-centric initiatives, and resource efficiency.