Ireland is in the midst of a housing crisis with the cost of properties rising by 3.7% in the last year. Meanwhile, the amount of residential units planned at the start of this year was down 29% from last year and homelessness has nearly quadrupled in the last 5 years. Average monthly rent in Dublin is rapidly approaching €2,000 per month.

More affordable housing and social housing is a necessity for Ireland and it should be an investment for the people. As demand for it grows, it is important to ensure that this housing is built to last and that maintenance and running costs remain low.

One big element of keeping these houses affordable in the long-term will be choosing windows and doors that are both beautiful and functional. We’ve highlighted a few ways that NorDan products are up to the task when it comes to making great affordable or social housing projects:

Virtually Maintenance Free

Aluminium clad, pre-treated and powder coated in one of Europe’s most modern facilities provides a product made to withstand the harshest weather conditions.  This means that they’re virtually maintenance free as they stand up to most wear and tear, reducing pressure on the occupant to constantly care for the product. Instead, you can fit it and forget it.

60 Year Life Expectancy

Our timber is slow grown in cold climate forests and then pressure vacuum impregnated during manufacturing, which provides a product which is designed to have a life expectancy of at least 60 years – and a guarantee of 30 years. With no replacement windows needed for nearly a lifetime, it certainly can keep the upkeep of a property more affordable.

Energy Efficient

Many developments now have stringent environmental guidelines, particularly around energy efficiency, that must be met. As standard, our products achieve U-values of 1.2 on double glazed units but U-values as low as 0.7 can be achieved via triple glazed units. When thinking about affordable or social housing options, this also means that heat is retained well in the winters and a tenant’s energy bills should be lower as a result.

Best Safety Protection

Windows and doors from NorDan also offer some of the best safety protection on the market. Our thorough testing process ensures that our windows will not only keep you warm but importantly resist break-in attempts and keep you and your family safe. In Particular, StormGuard’s seven-point lock system is a real challenge to potential burglary as it is impossible to remove the glazed unit from its frame from the outside.

Scandinavian Design

Though affordable or social housing projects can often get a bad name for being boxy and utilitarian, that need not always the case. The sleek and minimalist style of NorDan windows and doors can keep the outer façade looking beautiful while the timber provides a warm and organic aesthetic on the inside.

No One Can like NorDan Can

While investing in quality might cause higher upfront costs, the long-term economics make sense as reduced maintenance and heating costs will offset the initial expense over time. When the goal is keeping the housing affordable, NorDan is a great choice for longevity and craftsmanship.