NorDan Environmental Product Declarations

At NorDan, it has always been extremely important for us to put the environment at the heart of everything we do. Where possible, we aim to create a ‘green supply chain’ starting from the very first moment a tree is planted all the way to our windows being installed in your home.

 At NorDan, we embrace well-implemented management systems for quality and environment. The factories within the NorDan Group are subject to national and international certifications and approvals for window and door production. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) are the two main programmes for sustainable forestry.

Our timber is FSC/PEFC- certified which means our materials are sourced from certified suppliers participating in the goal of developing economic sustainability and valuable forest production while preserving biodiversity, cultural heritage, and social values.

At NorDan, we have focused on reducing our environmental impact since the 1960s and have had Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) since 2014. While product specific EPDs are fantastic tools for environmental analysis, NorDan realised that the next step needed to be dynamic, or ‘project specific’ EPDs. After four years of development, the NorDan Group introduced dynamic EPDs which provide customers with precise information about the environmental performance of each NTech product for an entire scheme. This means that we can produce class-leading, detailed emissions data for our NTech products. We are proud to be among the first companies in the industry to launch this type of dynamic EPD solution.

Extensive groundwork is continuously undertaken to calculate the environmental performance of our NTech products and this initiative demonstrates how sustainability and digitisation work together. This data-driven and holistic approach has enabled us to effectively operate on a fact-based and systematic basis long-term.