Designing a Window for a Quieter Home

As the demand for housing in Ireland increases, so too does the number of new developments being built in highly populated urban centres. In Dublin alone, the City Council has plans to build close to 10,000 new homes in the next five years.

Housing projects of all kinds will have several specifications that must be met during the early phases, from energy efficiency to fire and weather resistance. However, the growing number of projects in urban centres means that a more important consideration than ever will be sound reduction.

City living inevitably brings high levels of constant ambient noise, from pedestrians and traffic to the bustle of shops, bars and restaurants. Over time, this ‘noise pollution’ can become a nuisance to live with and a drain on residents’ mental health.

This makes sound reduction an important aspect of urban housing specification, however it can also be a desirable quality for housing in exposed locations where there may be high winds or stormy seas.

No matter the setting, windows play an essential role in reducing ambient noise as they are often the points in the building where exterior noise is most prominent. Every home needs windows for light and ventilation, but good window design takes into account that this inevitably opens the home to the elements and therefore requires excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing.

NorDan has long strived to meet the demands of city living with its range of windows. Over the years, we have iterated on our products to stay ahead of the times and provide acoustic ratings that reflect the current demands. From a single home all the way to multi-phased housing master plans, our windows are suitable for projects of all kinds.

The NorDan Difference

The NorDan NTech window has been designed with peace and quiet in mind, offering some of the best sound reduction values in housing market – some of our window products can achieve an acoustic rating up to Rw 60 dB.

As urban noise pollution becomes an increasingly important consideration for housing developers and specifiers, we are pleased to be able to offer a product that satisfies the strict acoustic requirements faced by high-rise apartment projects and other city construction developments.

For homes in exposed locations, we are proud to provide windows that will provide light, warmth and ventilation all without sacrificing peace and quiet from the elements when it’s needed most.

NorDan NTech windows not only provide class-leading acoustic capabilities and internal beading, but also exceptional weather resilience, low maintenance requirements, a long product life expectancy and industry-leading thermal values. This makes them the perfect fit for any urban housing project, but especially those in dense population centres with busy streets and bustling local amenities.

If you have any enquiries about our range of windows, or any other NorDan products, visit your nearest NorDan showroom in Ireland to see our products up close and discuss your needs with one of our window and door experts. Find your nearest showroom here.

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