High insulated with high weather tightness

Balcony Door – Single

Inward / Outward Opening

Aluminium balcony doors feature 86 mm deep profiles and basic insulation with 42 mm of glass fiber reinforced polyamide strips. For superior energy efficiency, upgrade to Door 2086 SX with Sapa Thermo N9 insulating strips. Our system offers a choice of three seal performance levels:
Standard, Plus, and Extreme. With options for narrow and modular locks, as well as a rebate for glass and infill panel ranging from 20 to 56 (64) mm, these doors seamlessly integrate with our F Façade Systems 4150, 5050 SG, and Glazed Elements 3086.

Additional Information

  • Stack panels for a full-width opening
  • Available in large sizes
  • Incorporate up to seven panels
  • Ideal for homes, balconies, patios, conservatories, restaurants, shops, kiosks and offices

Colours Available

Our Aluminium Range