High insulated with a sleek design

Sliding Door


The redesigned Sapa 2160 S, a top-tier lift-and-slide door meticulously engineered for optimal thermal insulation and featuring a sleek sightline. This sliding door represents a new era in sliding systems, characterised by cutting-edge technical advancements and thoughtful design considerations.

Additional Information:

  • Accommodates large dimensions
  • Offers a wide array of configurations
  • Supports heavy glass weights
Next-Level Energy Efficiency
Experience advanced energy-saving features with the Sapa 2160 S, where innovative design meets modular efficiency. Engineered with 50 mm glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, this system minimises thermal conduction without the need for additional internal inserts. Customised PE-strips insulate the larger cavities between profiles, contributing to superior thermal performance and reduced energy consumption. With the capability to accommodate glazing up to 53 mm, the Sapa 2160 S sets a new standard for energy-efficient solutions with a minimal environmental footprint.
Attractive design
The Sapa 2160 S lift-and-slide door is crafted to deliver exceptional performance with a sleek sightline. Its frame allows for flush internal floor finishes, eliminating thresholds, while standard ventilation systems can be easily incorporated. With a wide range of supplementary profiles, fenestration integration is seamless, complemented by specially designed end pieces for a polished look. The reversed locking principle ensures elegant locking plates on the frame side, while the patented interlocking section minimises interruption of the glazed surface.

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