Aluminium Window

Tilt & Turn Window

Inward Opening

Tilt & Turn Windows can be tilted inwards from the top for ventilation or turned 180’ inwards for easy cleaning from inside.
For rooms that do not require fire escapes, the turn function can be removed so the window only tilts in from the top.

Available Configurations:

  • Turn Only
  • Tilt Only
  • Tilt and Turn

Additional Information

  • The robust ironmongery allows for large opening casements.
  • Concealed hinges within frame
  • Dual colour available (no extra charge applies for Alu-Clad products, extra charge for Aluminium and Timber products)
Solid and durable

Solid-looking, durable and long service life – the benefits of aluminium windows and doors that are produced to last. According to research, aluminium products can last up to 75 years, with proper maintenace, upkeep, and replacements.

High quality fittings provide effortless function and excellent tightness: water tightness, air permeability, and resistance to wind load.

Surface Finishings

Pre-anodisation is a pre-treatment applied to the aluminium frames prior to the powder coated paint finish. Pre-anodisation adds an additional layer of protection, making the aluminium stronger and more resistant against the elements. This process is required for aluminium products within 1km of the sea.
Anodised Finish
Anodised finish in general is the most durable choice of surface treatments available for aluminium profiles. It emphasises the natural beauty of aluminium material, strengthens the surface, and makes it resistant to UV rays and environmental exposure. Different anodised colours are possible on the inside and outside.
Powder painting
We can produce in any colors from RAL or NCS palette. Our standard surface finishes are 30% gloss, leaving a sleek matte finish, with the option to increase glossiness to 70%. Different colours are possible on inside and outside also combined colours with anodized colors for insulated systems.

Colours Available

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