Top Tech Window (Top Hinged)

Outward Opening

Well balanced ironmongery ensures the frame can easily be turned 180 degrees from the inside of your building. Solid cleaning restrictors are also integrated in the hinges for additional safety. The window has a sophisticated and effective child safety restrictor integrated in the hinges for extra peace of mind.

Additional Information:

  • Can achieve the largest opening sizes due to heavy duty hinges
  • Fully reversible for easy cleaning from the inside
  • Great for large panes of glass that comply with fire escape regulations
  • Blow-back restrictor as standard
  • Dual colour available (no extra charge applies for Alu-Clad products, extra charge for Aluminium and Timber products)

N-Tech Windows

Material and Construction
Products are made from engineered pine, with external aluminium cladding as standard. Windows and doors are available either double or triple-glazed and with various frame width options.
Weather Performance
Our windows are designed and tested to meet, and far exceed, Irish window performance standards. This is no surprise given the fact that our products were originally designed for the Norwegian market where severe winters, excessive wind and torrential rain are a common occurrence.

Colours Available

Our Timber/Alu-Clad Range