Blur the Lines between Inside and Outside with Windows

Nordic countries like Norway, Denmark and Sweden are usually known for having a colder climate and very little daylight during winter months. Accompanied by houses traditionally being quite small, this means that Scandinavian residents crave a style of home that evokes comfort, brightness and airiness.

Keep it Bright with Scandi Style

Functionality and beauty are understated in the Scandinavian style, characterised by products and interiors that are minimalistic, with clean lines and subtle design features. This simplicity allows open space and natural light to have the most impact, with windows being a key way to evoke the desired brightness and openness.

As a result, the ‘Scandi Style’ has been a popular home aesthetic since the early 20th century, with many people aiming to recreate the feeling in their own homes today. Essentially, this style is all about balancing functionality and aesthetics – Nordic people desire the very best quality in the design of products, but want them to look as good as they perform.


Connect with the Outdoors

Not only do windows play a vital role in the functionality of our houses, through the likes of security and daylight, but they are also crucial in helping to blur the lines between our inside and outside worlds. Many studies have highlighted the numerous benefits that nature and natural light have on our physical and mental wellbeing such as better quality sleep, improved moods, lower blood pressure and, of course, increased vitamin D.

Still, with so many of us spending the majority of our lives in our homes or in the office, we’re simply not getting enough of it. In Nordic countries, residents look to windows to embrace the traditional long days and create bright open spaces within their homes. Due to this, NorDan windows have become a staple thanks to their elegant design and understated functionality.


See the NorDan Difference

Embracing Scandi Syle and improving the view from your windows can help you make the most of the sunlight and connect with the outdoors.

So if you’re planning a renovation project, or even hoping to embark on building your dream home, NorDan windows are the perfect option to fully embrace the daylight and allow you to connect with your surroundings.

Check out some of our projects here and below for some inspiration.

An open room with a bookshelf and a pianio. The windows look out to a field.

A bedroom with many windows looking out onto a green space

A living room and dining room with walls that are predominately windows

A large and open space with large fixed windows and sliding doors


A home with large fixed glass windows, lit from within at dusk.

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