Natural materials provide genuine quality. Scandinavian timber is at the heart of our product range. We source timber from sustainable forestry and impregnate it in a gentle and effective manner. Environmental considerations are important for NorDan and for our customers. Our patented pressure treatment system allows our timber alu-clad timber windows and doors to be guaranteed for 30 years, with a life expectancy of 60 years. Timber lasts for double the years of PVC and some. Not too mention fully recyclable.


30-year warranty
Our pressure treated systems offer our customers a 30-year guarantee and no door or window is more secure than a NorDan. So install Nordan windows and doors in your home, and you won’t have to do it again, not in your lifetime.


Energy saving
Our design & engineering teams, make sure our doors seal on closing, meaning you will stay warmer, breeze free and therefore need less energy to heat your home is our cold and wet winters. More importantly, you help to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Storm Guard features for further weather performance and energy efficiency.


We’re sustainable
Plus our carbon footprint is positive as we plant and grow more trees than we harvest and we recycle all our waste wood. Our focus remains on the environment which means we make only doors and windows that are energy-efficient, are fully recyclable. Precision Robots and skilled operators ensure minimal waste.


Safe & Sound
All our windows are burglar-resistant with 3 handles & 7 lock positions, shut air-tight keeping you secure, and all doors offer sound reduction. All NorDan windows and doors are child-safe to use. Child safety restrictors prevent small children from opening the window accidentally.

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