The NorDan side swing outward opening window has a classic design with modern function. Particularly suitable for old refurbishment projects as well as new buildings. The window sash can be rotated 180 degrees which means you can safely wash the outside of the window from inside.


Anthracite Grey RAL7016
Basalt Grey RAL7012
Brilliant Blue RAL5007
Dusty Grey RAL7037
Grey Aluminium RAL9007
Grey Brown RAL8019
Jet Black RAL9005
Moss Green RAL6005
Nut Brown RAL8011
Red RAL3011
Silk Grey RAL7044
White Aluminium RAL9006
Window Grey RAL7040

The ideal solution for safe washing
For new houses with multi-sash windows or in renovated older buildings, this is an ideal solution as it combines traditional style with child locks and a secure wash position. In the ventilation position, the Side Swing looks like a "traditional" side-hung window. By twisting again, the windows turn from the outside in for easy, safe and secure cleaning.

Option to combine
Well-balanced hardware ensures that the frame can easily be turned 180 degrees for safe washing from inside. Sturdy wash-stop hardware is also integrated in the hinges for safe window cleaning. Effective child locks also prevent any "flight attempts" by rambunctious little ones.


Lockable Handle

The Lockable handle can be locked using the supplied key, or screwdriver. Available for all window types except the one handled tilt and turn window. Available in white, brass, chrome or matt chrome.

Handle with Child Safety

Handle with child safety restrictor which must be operated to allow opening of the window. Available in Chrome, Matt Chrome, Brass and white.

Standard Handle

Standard handle for all window types except the one handled tilt and turn window. Available in White, Chrome, Brass or Matt Chrome.

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