The NorDan combination window comprises of a fixed light and an opening window all in one frame. These can be produced in large sizes and provides particularly good architectural possibilities for optimal function. Combine the optimum view with good ventilation possibilities in the same frame. Personal safety and opportunities for washing larger windows must always be considered when specifying.


Anthracite Grey RAL7016
Basalt Grey RAL7012
Brilliant Blue RAL5007
Dusty Grey RAL7037
Grey Aluminium RAL9007
Grey Brown RAL8019
Jet Black RAL9005
Moss Green RAL6005
Nut Brown RAL8011
Oyster White RAL1013
Red RAL3011
Silk Grey RAL7044
White Aluminium RAL9006
Window Grey RAL7040

Decorate with nature
Demand is on the rise for large, solid frames divided into panes with one or several closing frames. NorDan can offer streamlined solutions that combine inward-opening windows and fixed sashes. NorDan produces combination windows in all shapes and formats within the limits set forth by requirements for safety and weight. The insulation level in NorDan windows allows you the freedom to "decorate with nature".

Excellent for large glass surfaces
Fixed sashes are the starting ingredient for Combination Windows. These windows can be produced in large format, and provide exceptionally good architectural possibilities with optimal function. They offer the optimal combination of views and good ventilation in the same frame. In larger windows, personal safety and washing options must always be taken into consideration.

Maximum light transmission
Our combination window is developed with a focus on attractive design and a sleek profile that provides maximum light transmission. The design features clean lines thanks to crossbars, posts and transoms have same dimension regardless of whether they are fixed or in a closing frame.


Lockable Handle

The Lockable handle can be locked using the supplied key, or screwdriver. Available for all window types except the one handled tilt and turn window. Available in white, brass, chrome or matt chrome.

Handle with Child Safety

Handle with child safety restrictor which must be operated to allow opening of the window. Available in Chrome, Matt Chrome, Brass and white.

Standard Handle

Standard handle for all window types except the one handled tilt and turn window. Available in White, Chrome, Brass or Matt Chrome.

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