RIBA Award-Winning Sustainable Home

 Galloway, South-West Scotland

Contractor: 3b Construction 

Architect: Simon Winstanley

Photographer: Andrew Lee

The client faced the challenge of a house situated on a West-facing slope in Scotland, exposing it to harsh weather conditions, particularly strong winds. Their primary concerns when choosing products were strength, protection, and sustainability.

Our solution focused on addressing these challenges by implementing features with the lowest U-values and selecting products specifically designed for resistance to high wind loadings. The result was an award-winning sustainable construction project in Galloway, South-West Scotland, recognized by RIBA and Scotland’s Best Building awards. Architect Simon Winstanley and his wife Annie led the project, showcasing their expertise in low-energy house design and commitment to creating a sustainable, energy-efficient home with net-zero carbon emissions.

N-Tech Alu-Clad
  • 3-Handed Tilt & Turn Window
  • Fixed Light Window
  • Combination Window Inward
  • Sliding Single Door

Inside RAL 7040 - Window Grey Outside

RAL 7040 - Window Grey