Stop the burglar with NorDan

The window that burglars hate

NorDan regulaly receive positive feedback from grateful customers who report intruders in their home where burglars fortunately have failed. NorDan Safety window has:


  • Seven locking points
  • Extra solid fittings
  • No exterior visible vents.
  • Glazing units are adhered to the frame.
  • Each corner withstands up to 300 kg pressure without succumbing.
  • All NorDan Safety windows are marked.
  • This window is the only standard window in Scandinavia approved burglar resistance.



Our security window are built in such a way that it cannot be removed from the outside. Glazing units are adhered to the frame which makes it nearly impossible to remove the glass, even with special tools. In addition you can secure futher with laminated glass. The locking devices that holds the solid fittings on a NorDan security windows reduces the risk for burglary even when the window is ajar.

NorDan Sikkerhetsvindu et sikkert valg

Our security window is designed and built for best possible protection against burglary. The security window has undergone extensive testing, and is the safest on the market. Read more about our security window on page 32 and 33. NorDan security window is equipped with our own label showing the seven locking points.

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