Energy saving, inward- and outward opening windows and fixed windows, balcony- and sliding doors with U-values down to 0,7 W/m2K

All our windows and doors is now NTech-standard.

  • Energy efficient windows for the future
  • Stops energy waste
  • Meets requirements of building regulations
  • Reduction of energy costs, test our energy calculator
  • Swan marked product
  • Svært god miljøprofil
  • Greater living comfort with healthier indoor climate
  • ENOVA recommend NorDan NTech
  • Greater scope for architects
  • Timber products – renewable resource and CO2 friendly
  • Future higher sales value of houses

Products are divided into groups of three after insulation value

NTech 1,2

meet the minimum requirements for insulation with a U-value of 1.2.


NTech 1,0

the recommended standard of ENOVA and Housing Low Energy Program.

NTech 0,7

NTech Passive 0.7 is our top product with 3-layer glass and the market's best insulation value . NTech Passive is also Swan labeled according to Nordic eco-label.

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