Decorative glazing bars


Your own personal touch

Glazing design configurations can change the windows appearance. Countless combination options makes it easy for you to create your personal touch on the house.

Our various products has features and design that provides different levels of safety and function. Contact our advisors for solutions to your specific needs.

Original NorDan accessories keeps the same proven quality as the windows.

Small-paned windows can have:

  • Transoms and mullions
  • An additional connected aluminium frame
  • Glazing bars
  • Timber overlays
  • Mounted bars (surface, duplex)

Glazing configurations:
NorDan is Norways biggest supplier of glazing configuration for windows and doors. A number of options are available.

Hinges for overlays:
With removable pins enables the overlay  to be released for cleaning purposes. White/brown.
1-frame window
1-frame window with incoporated
2-rams fagsvindu
2-rams fagvindu m/duplex sprosser
Koblet aluminiumsramme



Decorative glazing bars


Available in 28mm, surface mounted glazing bars are securely bonded to the outer glass to give the desired panelling design while the inner glazing bar is safely secured within the sealed unit. Glazing bars are available powder coated in RAL classic range.


Duplex glazing bars combine 28mm wide aluminium exterior and 28mm wide wooden interior, secured to the glass with an additional spacer in between, giving the appearance of divided panes. Duplex bars can be powder coated in any RAL classic range. Duplex bars are only available for double glazed units with cavity depths of 16.18 and 20mm.


Integral (thermo) glazing bars have 26mm widths and are completely encapsulated in the glass cavity so that both the inner and outer glass surfaces can be easily cleaned. Available in white finish only.


External glazing bars are mounted on the outside of the glass to provide an appearance of dividing large glazed areas. It is fitted with a smart snap system that easily allows you to remove the bars for cleaning. The bars are mounted slightly off the glass to let the water run drown without touching the bar itself. Available in 28 and 56mm versions and can be powder coated in any colour from the RAL classic range.

* Surface mounted and Duplex glazing bars have some delivery restrictions for specific products / glass types.
Contact your nearest NorDan advisor for more information.


Timber overlays are a small section of timber frame divided into panes to produce square or rectangular patterns over the main window or door leaf glazing. Overlays can be mounted on all non aluminium coated products and are fitted on the outside with 4 hinges.

Overlays can easily be removed without tools when clening the window.

Overlays are placed slightly outside the glass so the rain can run past the mullions.

Overlays can be delivered with different dimensions, both vertical and horizontal,  sizes 22, 54 and 92 mm

Overlays can be delivered coated in desired colour.


Here you can see incorporated transoms and mullions. The typical widths are 62 and 92 mm.


In addition to the various decorative glazing bars and overlays, all NorDan products are available with solid mullions, transoms in wood and aluminium cladding. Incorporated transoms and mullions divide the glass into individual glazed areas with the advantage that different glass can be installed. The typical widths are 62 and 92mm with a number of exceptions on specific window and door types.

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