Glazing from NorDan

NorDan glazing can be supplied depending on the performance criteria you require. A double glazed or triple glazed window consists of small panes with a spacer in between. The spacer is made of a material that prevent heat conduction and keeps the edges around the glass warmer. The space between the glass panes is filled with argon gas that reduces convection and prevents heat radiation from inside to outside. Other gases may be used to increase the insulating glass (e.g. Krypton). Such gases are very expensive to produce both economically and environmentally. NorDan therefore recommends smarter solutions using argon gas. The glass panes are glued with two sealants so that it is hermetically closed.

Solar glass

Too much heat or light into a room can provide areas that are uncomfortable to live or work in. Solar glass can be used to help control how much light and heat enters the room through the windows. Typically, south-facing facades that are exposed to the sun will benefit the most with solar control options. There are many types of solar control glass, both clear and coloured, and with many different features for controlling the amount of light and the amount of solar energy that is transmitted from the sun.


Safety glass

Safety glass comes in many types, protection against multiple hazards (risk of falls, injury from collision, burglary, vandalism, projectiles and pressure loads.) Some requirements use thicker glass, others with glass with special properties.

The two most commonly used and known safety glass types are toughened and laminated.


Laminated glass is composed of two or more layers of glass baked together with intermediate layers of plastic. Laminated glass can be constructed of several glass layers, and several plastic layers of different types depending on your requirement. When laminated glass breaks, the plastic layer holds the glass particles together. The result is that a barrier still remains so that burglars would not be able to get through the glass. NorDan recommends the use of laminated glass in all doors, and areas on the side of the doors, and in areas where collisions can occur.


Toughened glass is about 4-6 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. When toughened glass is broken, the glass particles are small and relatively harmless, but the glass does not stay together.

Jet Black RAL 9005
Regular glass (broken)
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Laminated glass (broken)
Basalt Grey RAL 7012
Thoughened glass (broken)


Energy glass has at least one transparent coating, that is specially designed for the sunlight and heat to be transferred from outside into the room, and reflect the heat to air and objects in the room. NorDan has the solution, if you want large and tall window. NTech Passiv windows offers a triple glazed window solution with insulated sash and frame. Energy glass can be combined with other types of glass, such as solar glass, safety glass, sound reduction glass etc.


Fire resistant glass

Fire resistant glass makes it harder for the fire to spread to and from other buildings nearby. NorDan has two degrees of fire safety: EI30 - 30 minute protection against smoke, flames and thermal radiation. B60 - 60 minute protection against smoke, flames and thermal radiation.