NorDan External doorsets

Which door is yours?

Expressing your own style, combined with a high quality attention to detail and solid, stable construction is an important part of NorDan's external doorset design. Your chosen door style should fit well with the overall design of your project. It should be attractive and professionally designed, both in terms of safety and energy savings. NorDan doorset ranges offer modern designs and classic finishes in equal measures.

NorDan doors keep their shape

Open your front door with confidence. Arrive home to calm surroundings through a stable and secure exterior entrance door. Add to that extra security features of double steel plates inside the door leaf and extra climate seals to keep your home wind and water tight. Not only are NorDan doors engineered with advanced technology but they are stylish too. Trust Scandinavian design and engineering.

Express yourself

Your front door will welcome you home for years to come and it's the first impression visitors will have of your property. As well as building on all of the quality and safety features we can, NorDan offers you a very wide range of styles and finishes to choose from. Ensuring you get a personal style all of your own.

General information NorDan external doorsets

Painted external doorsets
All our doors are supplied pre-painted with white as the default colour (NCS 50502 - Y). If you want another color, you can get this surcharge. The NCS scale and RAL colours are available. Maintenance instructions are also supplied with the delivery.
Door leaf
The door leaf is generously dimensioned from solid wood around all glass openings. Double corrosion protected steel that ensures a moisture barrier, shape stability and burglar protection. Outer layer of HDF or veneer. Sealing of the door leaf with silicone and climate seal improves sound reduction, U-value and the door’s weight.
Frame and threshold
Laminated frame with finger jointing , 56x105mm. Frame supplied pre-drilled in the side, and installed with adjufix. Side lights and fan lights are not pre-drilled. Cover plugs supplied separately, white for white painted doors, transparent for doors in other colours. Threshold is 25 mm high, aluminum clad and wheelchair compliant.

U-value NorDan external doorsets

Single doors
Unglazed external doors:
NTech Passive
Sound Rw 38 dB
Sound Rw 40 dB
0,6 W/m2 K
0,8 W/m2 K
0,9 W/m2 K
1,0 W/m2 K
Glazed external doors:
NTech Passive: 101G, 119G, 131G, 131PG, 138G, 139G3
0,7 W/m2 K
301G, 311G4, 312G, 819G, 831G, 836G, 848G, 850G, 858G, 861G, 862G3, 898G, 899G, 922G 1,1 W/m2 K
302G, 309G, 801G, 818G3, 820G, 831G2, 836G3, 839G3, 843G, 872G 1,2 W/m2 K
302G2, 308G, 834G, 838G, 842G, 847G3, 869G2, 870G, 875G, 892G, 992G, 955G 1,3 W/m2 K
867G, 871G 1,4 W/m2 K
Double doors:
Double doors  
Unglazed external double doors:
313P, 373P, 801P, 833P, 834P, 842P, 992P
1,1 W/m2 K
Glazed external double doors:
819PG, 836PG
1,2 W/m2 K
820PG, 831PG, 836PG1+3, 839PG1+3, 992PG  1,3 W/m2 K
302PG2+1, 308PG, 834PG, 836PG3, 839PG3, 842PG, 869PG2+1, 871PG, 892PG  1,4 W/m2 K

Stability - Steeltech

NorDan front doors have several unique features which include the incorporation of double galvanized steel plates within the door leaf. These provide exceptional stability to the door leaf whilst simultaneously enhancing its security.

Keeping in shape
Due to the inclusion of the two steel plates, the door leaf is extremely strong and tends not to deform under effects of heat-pull.

Unlike aluminium, steel is less affected by thermal extremes, and has a decided advantage, insofar as it tends to return to its original shape following exposure to heat. In addition to all this, there is the added security given by NorDan's ten year warranty, backed by our experienced service team.

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A NorDan external
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Surface treatment
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