Our Vision

NorDan will be a leading company in development, marketing, production and delivery of eco friendly and secure windows and doors.



Perfect interaction

Our goal with everything we do in NorDan: Within the business we are constantly looking for the perfect interaction between people, production technology and between employees. For customers and suppliers, we are constantly trying to be the perfect partner. For the customer, we want the products to speak for itselves about perfect form and function - with durability.

Since the first two-way opening window came in 1961, humans, function and form have been the pillars of our product development. The window was named NorDan Perfect. A vision was born, of perfect products, perfect production methods and perfect relationships to market and partners.

Despite our vision, we know that nothing will ever be perfect. But we have it as our overall goal, and our promise to you.

Therefore, you can feel confident that products from NorDan will always serve you in the best possible way.