Product development

By constantly asking ourselves questions about what can be done better, smarter and more beautiful, we have created a steady stream of innovations.

  • Swan marked window
  • Passive window with insulated frame and sash
  • Burglar resistance as standard
  • Aluminium clad windows and doors
  • Pre-finished surface treatments
  • Vent as standard
  • Pre-mounted bushings
  • Pre-glazed windows and doors

Why not? This question has been the main drive of product development at NorDan for over 90 years. If we were to accept the established "truths" as unwavering, we would remained unchanged.

From the selection of raw material to development of machines and tools, NorDan remains in charge, which gives us complete flexibility to target trends and market demands. With our extensive knowledge of timber and glass, it is common that the construction industry come to us to evaluate and test new window solutions. There is always constant activity in the laboratory at our headquarter in Moi.

With 90 years experience in the construction industry, we have learned a lot about good solutions for windows and doors. Product development is a continuous process in NorDan. With environment, comfort and safety in focus. We were the first window producer to receive the Swan mark. NorDan is a safe choice!