Secure windows for a safe home


A safe home is a good home, and there are few places we feel as safe and able to relax as we do at home. Exactly what is it that makes us feel secure in our place of residence? For some, the construction of the residence is the most important; their security comes from knowing that their home features good, solid materials in a robust framework, put together by professionals with extensive experience and dedication to the project. For others, security comes from having the people and things they love around them: old photo albums with pictures from when the children were young or perhaps silver jewellery that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

Built for security

For us at NorDan, both are equally important. That is why we build our solid doors and windows out of real, robust materials. Our security window is among the best products you can choose to safeguard your home against attempted intruders. When you lock one of our front doors behind you, you can be assured that it is designed for you to feel safe. We are proud of our doors and windows, and we take pride in ensuring that each individual window and door that leaves our factories lives up to the strict requirements that we set for ourselves, and that our customers demand.

Indoor security

For most, the childhood home is strongly associated with wonderful memories. It is no wonder; for a long time, the house we grow up in is only the thing we know in a world where everything outside is new. When the urge to explore becomes too great, even a safe home offers many dangers for young and eager explorers. A chair that slides up to the windowsill, and a little tug on the handle, may be all that is needed for an accident to occur. We at NorDan want houses to inspire discovery -- but we must ensure that the windows are safe. That is why all of our products feature child safety protections, so windows cannot be opened without an adult.

A last resort

When disaster strikes, the first priority is to keep the damage to an absolute minimum. Thankfully, very few of us awaken to the nightmare of a burning house, but for those who do -- all of a sudden, the only thing that matters is to get out. Our windows are certified as escape routes, and they fulfil government requirements in place to ensure that you and your family are able to make it out, even in unimaginable circumstances. This is something the most people never have to worry about. Enjoy the view. Enjoy your home. Sleep soundly in the knowledge that should you have to leave the house during the night, NorDan has taken the steps you need to feel safe.