A different angle


Behind every product we produce at NorDan, there are many, many hours of development. For us, it is about more than just getting better. Innovation is equally important; it is a natural part of our business and our traditions.

Always asking new questions

Innovation and product development are about daring to ask new questions, even when the product is working well. How can we make our products better for our customers? What can we do to make them to more environmentally friendly? We ask these questions systematically, and receive manifold results. We were the first to produce ready-glazed windows and doors that come standard with valves, aluminium cladding and burglary protection. Even though we have many things to be proud of, we continue each day to ask new questions and consider our products from new angles.

Form and function

Good design is nice to look at, but it is about so much more than just aesthetics. Good design is functional; it solves problems and creates new experiences for the user. We know how important design is for you as a customer. The windows and doors you choose for your house should not only suit the architecture and colour scheme; they should add something new and exciting as well. Form and function should work together. That is why we work with an eye for design right down to the smallest details, such as the number of bolts in window hardware, or how a single handle can be sufficient to operate a large sliding door without a problem. There are some details you can always be happy with, such as integrated child safety windows. Other details you might not necessarily ever notice, but they are there to make your life a little easier and a little better. It is when we are sure that you are happy, that we are sure that we have done a good job.