With eight facories and a number of products in several markets, there are great demands for an efficent production line. Our production process is crucial to ensure that our products keep the same high quality that our products expect, each and every time. NorDan have a comprehensive production system which ensures that unnecessary tasks and processes are removed. With our production system, we ensure a high quality product which keeps wasted materials at an absolute minimum.


Continuous Improvement

The key to good conversion is continuous improvement. All NorDan factories follow this idea and with the NorDan Management System, clear goals are set, which are periodically checked to ensure we are on the right track. The end result is an efficient and environmentally friendly production, that ensures the hightest possible quality on all of our doors and windows.


Our factories

Moi, Norway

Fabrikk Bor

Egersund, Norway

Otta, Norway

Tanum, Sweden

Bor, Sweden

Fabrikk Bor

Kvillsfors, Sweden

Powodowo, Poland

Wolsztyn, Poland