Certification and Environment

Product development and quality

NorDan work closely with a number of government and international agencies in connection with product development and certification. The requirements ensure that you as a customer or user can make a fully informed and honest choice.



NorDan AS holds the internationally renowned PEFC certificate (the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This means that NorDan has certification which is documented along the entire chain from tree stump to the consumer and that raw materials are sourced from well managed forests. www.pefcnorge.org


British Board of Agrement - The British Board of Agrement (BBA) is the UK’s major authority offering approval of construction products, systems and installers. NorDan has a number of products tested to the most rigorous of standards.


Achilles Building Confidence is designed to meet the increasingly demanding legislative and risk management needs of construction clients. Achilles Building Confidence community is managed by an industry Steering Group compromising of members from across the sector to drive industry best practice.

Secured by Design 

Products with this symbol are tested and approved according to strict safety and quality standards from the Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK (ACPO). Products with this label are resistant to burglary and help reduce crime. Featured NorDan products that hold SBD certification can be found on the secured by design website. www.securedbydesign.com


At NorDan AS, impregnation treatment of timber used for manufacturing is in accordance with class AB , based on the European standard EN 351-1 class P5. By impregnating the timber, longevity is increased and protected against rot, fungi and insect attack. Moreover, the wood is more dimensionally stable in that it does not twist, turn or warp because of the production techniques employed. NorDan also follow requirements set in VOC for emissions to air, soil and water.


NDVK is a Norwegian voluntary certification body for manufacturers of windows and doors. NDVK regulations require manufacturers to provide quality assurance systems and that they are closely adhered to. All products with the NDVK mark are tested and approved by European standards. www.ndvk.no


BREEAM ® NOR is Norway‘s premier method for classification of sustainable buildings - with the possibility of certification through NGBC . BREEAM ® NOR is a Norwegian adaptation of BREEAM ® and was launched on 20 October 2011. An entire industry has been behind the development of BREEAM ® NOR.


The Norwegian EPD Foundation was established in 2002 by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and the Federation of Norwegian Building Industries (BNL). It was established to provide standardized and internationally valid Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for products and services. EPD Norway verifies type III environmental declarations and is a member of ECO -Platform and Gednet.

CE-Mark for windows and doors

The CE marking of NorDan windows and doors has been introduced in EU countries. All manufacturers must label their products with the CE mark to show that documentation of the windows and doors are manufactured and tested in accordance with European standards.

Swan mark

Product with the ‘Swan mark’ Nordic eco label is produced with minimal energy, and low greenhouse gas emissions. There are requirements for including raw material extraction, manufacturing, energy efficiency, chemical stress, environmentally sound treatment and recycling potential. www.ecolabel.no