Vinduer av tre og tre med aluminium fra NorDan

All things good with wood

NorDan has worked with wood as a material for almost 90 years. We proudly base our industrial manufacturing on good materials and solid craftsmanship. As a result, we supply thousands of windows and doors in Norway and abroad. All are made of wood, an easy choice. We would like to emphasise the many possibilities and qualities of our environmentally friendly wood.

  • The timber windows on the Eidsvollbygningen building actually date from before 1814. The building is refurbished every 50 years, and the current windows are over 200 years old. "Little" maintenance helps a timber window last for several generations.
  • The Public Roads Administration is planning to build a new bridge over Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake, made of wood. A four-lane WOOD BRIDGE over the lake will replace the current concrete bridge. This says everything you need to know about the durability of wood - as long as it receives a little maintenance.
  • Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material available in Norway today, and a wooden window is 100% recyclable.
  • There are no materials that are better for our health than wood.
  • There are no materials that are better for our health than wood.
  • Wood is a material that "breathes", i.e. that has the ability to absorb and release moisture.
  • Most people also perceive wood as a warm and "human" material.
  • Wood is a renewable resource to which we have ample access.
  • Wood binds to CO2 and produces oxygen.
  • Wood is a beautiful, warm, sound-absorbing material.
  • We will not become sick if we surround ourselves with wood.

Why boast about wood as a material?

Norway is a country that has used wood as a material for generations. Wood has, in a nutshell, "built the nation." Norway also wishes to emerge as an environmentally friendly country. As such, we must begin with ourselves. NorDan is Norway's first and only window to feature the Swan Eco label. The Swan is the epitome of environmental friendliness. In addition, we export many of our environmentally friendly windows and doors, with great success.

Many of the countries we export to are currently struggling with recycling and destruction of windows made of materials such as PVC that must be replaced. Most countries in Europe are working to reduce the use of PVC. We in Norway should do this, too. There is an ongoing discussion taking place about whether, from an environmental standpoint, PVC should be used. Greenpeace has made PVC plastic into a kind of symbol of the society that wastes its resources. Below is an excerpt from, the public knowledge network for environmental purchasing, and a part of the Government's action plan for environmental and social responsibility in public procurement:

"It is doubtful whether plastic has a place in an ecologically well-adjusted society. Plastic is based primarily on fossil fuels, contain harmful additives, and is difficult to collect due to its diversity. Plastics should be used only when there are no other options. Where plastics are used, types containing a minimal amount of hazardous substances should be used first and foremost. It is doubtful whether PVC plastic should ever be used at all. "

PVC windows are marketed as maintenance-free.

What is maintenance-free?

In Norway, we have many laws, including ones that regulate marketing. §7 of the Marketing Act says:

"A commercial practice is misleading if it contains false information and is therefore untruthful or otherwise misleading" ...

Moss grows everywhere, even on granite. A plastic/PVC garden chair is something many of us consider to be maintenance-free. But even it gets dirty and needs cleaning. Many of us who have tried to wash such a chair have acknowledged that doing so is not necessary simple, and the chair may never get clean. At least not without scrubbing and chemicals.

When we at NorDan refer to our exterior aluminium profiles as "maintenance-free", we are referring first and foremost to scraping and painting. Aluminium profiles that are powder-coated have a very hard surface, allowing for easy washing off dust and dirt.