NorDan Vinduer Timber Windows and Doors has a nationwide coverage serving both the commercial and residential markets. From self-build to large scale developments, no project is too big and no project is too small for this progressive and successful company.

Our History

Since 1926, NorDan Vinduer has been manufacturing high-performance timber and timber Alu clad windows and doors across its 8 plants across Norway.

Our Vision

NorDan will be a leading company in the development, marketing, production and delivery of eco-friendly and secure windows and doors.

Our Values

We take responsibility for our solutions to be safe and secure. Our products are important for ensuring the safety and security of all buildings. NorDan focuses on.

Product Development

From the selection of raw material to the development of machines and tools, NorDan remains in charge, which gives us complete flexibility to target trends and market demands.

Our Factories

With 8 factories and a number of products in several markets, there are great demands for an efficient production line. With our production system, we ensure a high-quality product that keeps wasted materials at an absolute minimum.

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